How do we pursue ambitious visions
while putting people first?

We're building a community to explore this intersection of pragmatism and idealism. We'd love to have you part of the discussion.

Man. Making new things is hard.

Yeah, it sure is. Pretty sure I go off on a weird rant about that every year or so.

I am that rant. lol

Ughhhh I’ve been working on this stupid sales page for our community for weeks. I’ve written so many versions of it, but none of it feels right.

What feels wrong about it?

I don’t know. I hate sales pages, for one thing.

Haha ummm Sarah? Didn’t you kind of write a book about doing marketing in a way that feels good? Remember this thing we’ve been working on for months? lol

Haha, yessss I remember lol 🙂

You should just follow your own advice.

You’re probably right.

Of course I am 😛

See, this is why I’m so excited about this community.

What is? Getting told what to do by over-confident white guys?

😛 Noooooo.

Pretty sure you can get your fix for that on Twitter if I’m unavailable or something.

Stopppppp. Anyway, the whole point of the community we’re building is to make a place to discuss more empathetic ways of doing our work so we can explore our philosophies around it. And we’re making things that document what we discover.

Like your book, for example

Yeah. But it’s really hard to explain. Honestly, I think you could do it better.

lol no

Yes you could

Why do you say that?

Everything we’re doing with Leadershippy is based on the people-first approach to leadership you always talk about. I was just re-reading your essay on it, and it’s so good.

You explain that so well. “Tiny leaders build on other tiny leaders to create tiny resilient fearless societies.” Seriously, that should be the topic we explore in the community next.


I’m serious. And the project we use to document our discoveries should be a book. We would all get so much out of it, and it’d be great not just for the community, but for anyone else who wants to lead in a more empathetic way.

Mayyyyyybe. Let’s get your book done first. 🙂

Well, it’s pretty much done so

So I’m next is what you’re saying? lol

Yep 🙂 I know you’ve been thinking about writing that book for so long, and wouldn’t it be cool to use your framework as the main topic of discussion in the community over the next quarter?


We’d just document the discussions as we go, and we’d all learn so much that way. It would go really well with the Call of the Wildling experience and my Gather the People book we’ve already made.


Annnnnyway. I wish there was a word that meant exploring and documenting so I don’t have to keep saying that. It’s confusing.

Explocumenting? Doculoring?


Seriously though, I don’t know how to explain this.

You should just post this thread on the website. Boom. Problem solved. 💪


seriously do it

ummmm ok

Heyyyyyy Jenn


Remember this talk you gave on emotional safety at JSConf way back in 2014?

Of course

It inspired me so much; I just watched it again.

Awww, thanks 🙂

You talked about our idea for Leadershippy in that talk, but we never ended up launching it


But now we are

Yep 🙂

I think we should make that a topic we discuss in the community soon

Emotional safety you mean?

Yeah. It feels really important, especially with everything that’s happening in our culture right now.

Want to be thinking about a project we could make to document what you’ve learned and what we discover in the community together?

Let me think about it; I’ll get back to you 🙂

Okay. Can I make this conversation public?

Ummm how public?

Pretty public

Yeah, I guess

👍 Cool

Oh, hi. It’s us. 👋

We wish there was a really quick way to explain what we’re doing here. Believe us, we’ve tried. (If you think of one, please email us. We’ll be forever grateful.)

We launched the first iteration earlier this year (called the &yet Community), and our intention was to create a community of possibility for compassionate people. We wanted a safe, intentional space to encourage each other and be encouraged in the things we’re trying to do in the world—whether that’s entrepreneurship, software, design, art, community leadership, social justice…whatever people in the community are passionate about.

It started with a month-long story-driven onboarding adventure, which is now public (and not a month long; you can experience it right now!) We wanted to create an experience that got people thinking about their unique calling and how to pursue that in the context of community.

We focused really hard on the community part…what would the ideal community look like and feel like? What would it require of us? What would be the outcome of being really intentional about it?

We set up a framework for participation based on what everyone was working on at the moment, but we soon realized that not everyone has time to share their process on a regular basis. And we were wondering how to get into the deeper conversations we wanted to have. Because we have so many questions. Questions like:

Several years ago, we were going to create a publication called Leadershippy where we would explore our answers to these questions. We’ve been talking about this stuff with friends and clients for years as we’ve struggled to bring new things into the world. From our experiences running companies, collaborating with teams, and working on ambitious projects, we’ve developed philosophies, given talks, written books, conducted workshops, consulted with clients, and had hundreds of conversations about these things.

So we had an idea.

What if we took Leadershippy and merged it with the &yet Community? What if the community became a place to discuss people-first philosophies? And what if we didn’t do this in a general way, but in an extremely specific way, choosing a project to bring to life that would document our knowledge and discoveries for everyone to benefit from?

We decided to do it. We’ve already made a couple of projects around these ideas (Gather the People and The Call of the Wildling), but we want the things we make in the future to come directly from our discussions and discoveries in the community.

All it takes is a simple application.

If you’re interested in developing your own philosophies around a more empathetic way of leading and working, we’d love for you to join us. The community is pay-what-you-can, and there’s a simple application process (that includes some info to help us get to know you, and a walkthrough of our values and code of conduct).

Start your application

We look forward to having you join us!

- Sarah, Adam, and Jenn

We’re creating new things all the time.

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